In 1912 the Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon railway was opened between Spiez and Brig. Electrified from the outset, its completion marked the culmination of a railway link from Northern France to Italy, avoiding the German occupied territories of Alsace-Lorraine. With its horseshoe loops on the northern ramp, 16km Lötschberg tunnel (then the third longest in the world after the Gotthard and Simplon) and magnificent panoramic southern ramp descending to the floor of the Rhone valley, it was not only a wondrous engineering achievement but also a rail route of unparalleled scenic beauty.

The Swiss Classic Train aims to recreate the ambience of express train travel over the Lötschberg in the immediate post Second World War era. Catering for all classes, the train comprises Pullman, First and Second Class carriages, a Restaurant Car and a Bar Car. Whether on the Lötschberg or elsewhere, a trip on the Swiss Classic Train is a truly memorable experience.